About US

Alligator Pie Catering is an off site catering company operating in Nelson BC, which
was started by the team of Patrick McInnis and Erin Bruce in 2000.

Both Patrick and Erin have worked extensively in the restaurant and catering industry and after a 20 year partnership, each brings their own unique styles and talents to Alligator Pie.

Patrick, the innovator, is always experimenting with inventive new food ideas.
Consequently, he brings a skillful mix of Asian and North-western Cuisine to the varied and novel menus of Alligator Pie.

Erin specializes in creative presentation. Her love is concocting unique and tantalizing desserts and Hors D'oeuvres.
She brings an original, imaginative flair to the alliance.

Alligator Pie Catering is recognized for its standard of excellence and exceptional culinary ability.

Together, Patrick and Erin provide professional, quality service at an affordable price that is guaranteed to suit the needs of their individual customers - who could ask for more!